Two arrows pointing from a handwritten "Work"  towards two roles as a freelancer: product engineer and consultant.

I work as a product engineer and an advisor.

I help companies build and get better at building products. I advise investors, executives, startups and larger organisations.

I pick projects which I know I'll pour my heart into. I am known for diving deep into problems and fully committing to what I do. The projects may vary in type but they all relate to my experience as a startup co-founder, product leader and engineer.

Besides contractual work, I am open to discussing interim/fractional roles and other new opportunities.

If you feel like I could help you - I'd love to talk.

Ways I can help

A trusted partner to product/tech leaders and CEOs
Product development is inherently hard and there are many challenges lying ahead. Teams slow down, process gets complex, everything is important or little gets done. I can help identify the underlying causes, work out solutions, create new momentum and help steer the ship through change.

Building features and products
As a product engineer, I bridge the gap between software engineering and product development disciplines. I can take ownership of the entire product lifecycle, from ideation to design, development, testing, launch, and ongoing maintenance.

Due-diligence for VC and angel investors
I help investors identify red and amber flags by auditing product, metrics, analytics, roadmap viability, technology, researching competition and by talking to the team.

Analytics and product instrumentation
Running a business without looking data is rather extreme. I am experienced in setting up Google Analytics 4, product instrumentation (Segment) and making data part of decision-making process across an organisation.

AI / No-code / Low-code
I welcome any work related to AI, No-code or Low-code, as I am currently educating myself in these technologies and exploring these areas for new product ideas.

Dev work
I love complex technical challenges including problems nobody has time for: tricky bug fixes, website speed optimisation, compatibility, refactors, integrations.

I am also open to...

My expertise

Product and growth


Sector knowledge


You can find a more detailed overview of my experience here.

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